Oil Changes: Why It is Important to Have It Changed

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Automotive

From quality tires to functioning brakes, there are various components on a car that helps it operate efficiently. It is necessary to have routine maintenance performed on an auto to prevent the vehicle from breaking down, malfunctioning, and to maximize the performance of the car. One key aspect of caring for a car is having regular oil changes in Davenport, IA completed. The oil in an auto plays a vital role in keeping the engine of the car lubricated to prevent friction from building up that can cause the engine to stop running.

How Oil Changes Keep Automobiles Working Properly

  • The oil in the car helps cool the components in the engine that makes parts move. If they are not cooled it can cause the engine to overheat.
  • Routine oil changes in Davenport, IA helps remove any sludge or particle that builds up in the engine.
  • Oil is important to maintain an adequate amount of lubricant in the car to keep parts moving and prevent them from wearing down dramatically.
  • When a vehicle’s oil is changed regularly, the owner can help extend the longevity of the automobile.
  • Proper lubrication of the engine helps provide good gas mileage for the auto. By neglecting to change the oil in a car you increase how much fuel is consumed by the vehicle.

Schedule an Appointment Today to Have the Fluids Checked and Changed in Your Auto

Automobiles are pricey and why it is important for them to receive the routine maintenance they require to prevent them from breaking down. Bi-State Auto Service Center offers a variety of services to help make sure your automobile is operating properly. Whether you require a simple oil change or replacing the suspension, their skilled experts are certified to complete the work for you.

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