Transmission problems are just as prevalent as they are frustrating. As with most automobile problems, transmission complications can happen suddenly and without warning. A transmission that doesn’t work is the first step of a nerve-wracking and sometimes lengthy journey. You have to get your vehicle to the auto repair shop, you have to come up with the money to pay for the repairs and you have to find an alternate mode of transportation. There are a few things that you should be aware of that can play a part in the cost of your transmission repair in Clearwater FL.

The Cost Of Transmission Cost Varies

There are several factors to take into consideration when estimating the cost of your transmission repair. Different models and makes call for different labor times and parts. While a mechanic may give you an initial estimate for the cost of repairs, there is a possibility that the final cost will be either lower or higher than the estimated amount.

Cost Of Labor

As you may already realize, auto parts can be rather affordable, but the cost of labor can be much more expensive. The same applies to transmission repair in Clearwater FL. Transmission rebuild calls for a great deal of intricate labor, and you want to make sure that the mechanic who handles your repair is certified and experienced. You pay the mechanic for their advanced skills and you also have to bear in mind that transmissions can be difficult to diagnose, take apart and put together. Usually, an auto repair shop charges anywhere between $60 and $90 per hour for labor. That amount combined with the cost of the transmission itself can quickly snowball in to an overwhelming amount.

Overall Cost

It’s recommended that you be prepared to spend at least $500 for your transmission repair. If you plan on handling the repairs yourself, you might possibly spend upwards of $1,000 for an automatic transmission. Other documented costs have been between $1,500 and $3,800. While dealing with transmission repair in Clearwater FL, it’s a good idea to get estimates from a variety of mechanics in order to get the best price. You should also check to see if the auto shop has any kind of warranty on their products or at least some type of satisfaction guarantee. While you want to save money, you don’t want to have to spend more of it later because your transmission is a piece of junk.