There is no arguing against the fact that the ability to operate a pallet shrink wrap machine is definitely a highly-coveted skill in many different blue collar professions. However, there is no point in even attempting to operate one of these machines unless you follow all of the required safety guidelines that come with it. Keep the following considerations in mind:

You should follow all of the correct installation, maintenance and transportation procedures for operating the machine.

The best way to sum it up is that operating a pallet shrink wrap machine is not as easy as it looks! You have specific procedures, including the following:

The machine should be installed on a level, hard surface and away from an area that has heavy dust or smoke.
The environment should have a healthy temperature range that goes no lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 104 Fahrenheit. Moreover, the machine should not place under direct eye or it will mess up the photo eye component.
You should never drag, push or slide the machine. Instead, you should always employ the use of a forklift extension that is over 4 feet and is rated for 3,000 pounds or more.
Transporting machine from the turntable should only be done when the mast is raised; you can transport it from the mast end when the mast is lowered.

You also should be following all of the operating guidelines to the letter as well.

This would include such things as never plugging the shrink wrap machine into an extension cord; making sure that only fully trained individuals are using the machine; standing away from the turntable and making sure that other devices are not in the way of the turntable either; and not touching the turntable when the machine is being operated.

Moreover, if you decide to load film into the film carriage, make sure that the power is off. Finally, you should also be sure that the machine is turned off completely before stepping on or off of the turntable.

If you keep these tips in mind you are sure to have many productive sessions with your shrink wrap machine.

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