There have been many developments in the industry of Automotive Window Tint in Cincinnati Ohio. Years ago, tint was only available in a few degrees of shading, such as mild or dark tint. Today, there are several different products for a variety of looks and purposes. Advances in the technology have allowed tints to be manufactured that can increase safety, for example, by preventing the deterioration of seat belts after long-term exposure to the sun. Lighter tints are now available that can block the sun without interfering with cell phone reception, satellite radio signals, or global positioning systems (GPS). The original tint was manufactured with metallic materials that weakened signals. Some types of tint still use metallic materials, but many do not due to the common usage of electronics in cars.

Automotive window tint in Cincinnati Ohio also prolongs the life of the vehicle and increases occupant comfort. Windows that are tinted, for example, prevent fading of colors and keep materials from drying out. That helps the vehicle remain in excellent condition, retain a higher resale value, and look great after years of ownership. The interior temperature does not get as hot as a vehicle that has no tinted windows. That makes the car more comfortable, and also helps the vehicle operate more efficiently. The air conditioning does not have to be placed on maximum settings, which saves on gas, wear and tear on the systems, and pollution in the environment. That saves drivers money, eliminates high noise levels in the cabin due to operational systems, and prevents dehydration.

An authorized 3M dealer, such as Solar Tint, for example, can offer as many as thirty different options for tinting in six separate series of products. Color Stable auto window film is high quality, available in different shades, and will keep its appearance for the life of the car. Some films tend to fade or may actually peel and crack with age. The Crystalline film is the lighter product line that will not interfere with signals. FX Premium is a high-quality, yet economical alternative to some of the other options. This product is perfect for drivers with budget constraints. Check with the dealer for suggestions on which film will be best suited to the needs and preferences of the driver, and the primary passengers.