Not everyone is happy with their original eye color. Now with all the color contacts available, people can easily change their eye color whenever they want. They can even get lenses that change the shape of their irises as well as the color, giving them eyes that are sure to startle people on first sight.

In the United States, to get color contact lenses people need a prescription, even if the lenses don’t affect eyesight, as all contact lenses are considered medical devices. Don’t purchase any Color Contact Lenses in Chicago from anyone selling them without a prescription, as this is illegal, and the lenses could damage the eyes if they aren’t properly fitted by someone with experience.

Some color contact lenses are only slightly tinted, which is meant to make them easier to find if you drop them and easier to see in the eye when they’re being inserted or removed. People who just want their eyes to be a bit brighter or darker shade of their original eye color can get lenses with an enhancement tint, which is a see-through tint that’s a bit darker than their natural eye color. Those who totally want to change the color of their eyes should look for lenses with an opaque tint, which is necessary for anyone with darker eyes that wants to change their eye color. The final option for Color Contact Lenses in Chicago is theatrical or costume lenses, which have opaque color tints that change both the shape and the color of the iris, or the colored part of the eye. This can give people eyes that are shaped like a cat’s or alien or vampire eyes.

Some of the available colors for contact lenses you can get from companies like Tropical Optical Corp include violet, amethyst, green, hazel, blue, gray, honey, and brown. Theatrical lenses can turn the eyes red or black or give the eyes zebra stripes. Another option is contact lenses that have a sports tint, which is meant to help with reducing glare and improving depth perception.

If you choose to buy colored contacts, just be sure not to share them with other people and to stop wearing them if they start to irritate your eyes. You can visit here to get more information.