Check out the best options for tile flooring in Jackson, TN. There are two popular choices for tiles – ceramic and stone. Both of these options have multiple options for styles, colors and designs. Tile flooring is durable, low maintenance and hence is very commonly used in high traffic areas of the homes. Following cleaning instructions with tile flooring is very important.

Choose your tile flooring in Jackson, TN

Keep two things in mind when choosing your tiles; one is the area of the install and the second is the activity in the area. Check the rating of the tile for the area that needs installation. A high traffic area requires a tough, abrasion resistant, moisture proof type. If you plan to install the tile in the bathroom, a non-slip tile material is of utmost importance. For exterior installations look for tiles rated for exterior applications.

Depending upon the area of the install, you can make your design selection. Square tiles are usually 4×4 inches and the size can go up to 24×24 inches. You can also go for other shapes like octagonal and hexagonal shapes.

Tile ratings go from 1 to 5 with group 1 rated for light traffic and group 5 for extra heavy traffic.

Types of tile flooring in Jackson, TN

Tiles can be from natural material or synthetic material. Natural tiles mostly require professional installation and can be more maintenance. Synthetic tiles are easy to handle and are of low maintenance.

Some of the common floor tiles are:

Brick: They are available in many earth colors and add rustic elegance to the décor. Brick tiles are more popular for the outdoor installation, mainly for patios. Brick tiles are low maintenance; they require a satin resistant sealer. They tend to chip with age and will require replacement.

Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are made from natural material. They can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles come in many different hues and colors and have a glassy, smooth appearance. Unglazed tiles have natural coloring and require sealing.

Cement: These tiles are made from moulds and then fired. These are tough tiles and abrasion resistant as well as low maintenance. You can have colored cement tiles as well. These tiles require sealing for moisture.

Advantages of tile flooring in Jackson, TN

The biggest advantage of tile flooring in Jackson TN is that they are easily available and are durable. Once installed correctly they need regular cleaning but will maintain the look for a long time. The design options are many in material and design. Tiles can be arranged in many different decorative patterns and add value to the property.

Installation of tiles can be easy or challenging depending upon the material you choose. Vinyl tiles are easy to install while slate and travertine tiles need professional installation.

Ceramic tiles in bathrooms are the most popular usage of tile flooring.