Whether you’re shipping products and supplies to customers or other businesses, the most essential feature to any shipment is an expertly wrapped pallet that securely holds items in place during transit. This packaging company provides various shipping companies with industrial shrink wrap machines that use orbital technology to wrap pallets 360 degrees around.

Save Money on Labor and Materials

Because this industrial shrink wrap machine uses orbital technology to cover all sides of the pallet, you won’t have to spend money on bands or straps to use on every shipment you send out. You can also avoid high labor costs because the machine does all the work for you. There is no need to hire extra hands to ensure all of your pallets are securely wrapped with stretch and shrink wrap. Simply have your forklift operators hold the pallet in the circular opening of the machine and watch as this industrial workhorse does the job for you.

Protect Products In-Transit

There’s nothing worse than hearing that your shipment was received with damages or loss because it wasn’t properly wrapped. Another significant advantage of having 360-degree shrink wrap coverage on your pallets is that your products will be dust and water repellant while on the way to their destination. This machine will entirely envelop every pallet you wrap with a 360-degree coverage of shrink or stretch wrap, which means you will also save money on return shipment and fees incurred because of damaged products.