Finding a way to have a cost-effective method to manage inventory and products is always a challenge for a small to mid-sized business. Most of these companies have limits as to the in-house storage they can access, so outsourcing to a company specializing in logistics, warehousing, and delivery are a benefit to the business.

Different facilities in Charlotte, NC offer different services. It is essential for most small businesses to partner with a logistics provider that is able to customize their services to meet the needs of the business. This not only streamlines the services, but it also ensures the business is only paying for the services they require.

What is Included in Logistics?

In a broad definition, logistics is any way of managing the flow or the movement of inventory and products from receiving materials through to final delivery to the customer.

In working with a partner for warehousing and delivery, a small business in the Charlotte, NC area has the ability to utilize the storage space, the equipment, the people and the service of the warehouse, all for one individually negotiated price. This provides the small business with a way to pick and choose the services that meet with their production and service needs as well as their budget.


Warehousing can include receiving of materials and supplies or storage of product for delivery. Different warehouse facilities may offer floor, rack and vault storage, and may also offer full receiving, inventory management and even bar-code control of inventory to integrate with your supply chain and inventory management software.

They may also provide kitting, assembly and delivery service, essential functioning in the role of a just-in-time or last-mile delivery service for your company. These types of logistics services can be invaluable to a business of any size, providing a quality, reliable service at a very reasonable price.