Parking Lot Repair Services

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is very important in order to avoid getting potholes. This can not only be inconvenient, but also very costly. It’s important to address cracking issues as soon as possible in order to prevent a parking lot from becoming unusable. When cracks occur they will often make the concrete or asphalt more susceptible to weathering. In many cases water will fill the cracks and cause issues with the chemical balance of the materials. This can lead to further cracking and potholes.

The primary issue you will face if you have cracks in your parking lot is water expansion. This happens when water enters the crack and freezes. When the water expands the cracks will not only get longer, but will also widen. If they get too big they can’t get filled in, which will eventually lead to a pothole. If your parking lot gets in this state, then you’ll probably have to re-pave all of the concrete.

Concrete Sealing

When the mixture for the parking lot is created it should have a sealant. This element will ensure that the mixture binds together when it is dried. When contractors don’t add the sealant the mixture will be more prone to weathering. It’s important that you always check with your contractor before they begin the process to make sure that they are adding enough sealant.

Finding the Right Contractors

The Internet is one of the best resources for finding
parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus. If you search online you’ll be able to find a number of companies; however, not all of them will provide a quality service. It’s important that you have a written contract signed by both parties before you hand over any money to the contractor. This agreement will state the terms of the repair and how the company intends on undertaking the task.

Most parking lot repair contractors in Columbus, will visit your parking lot and then provide you with a quote before they accept any money. This is standard practice. This quote will be the final price and should be written on the contract. Some companies however, will have another method of pricing. They may charge per length and width of the crack repair. This means that if there are more cracks than they expected, then you’ll have to pay more money for them to complete the job.

If you think that you’ve found a company that’s right for the job, then give them a call. A reputable company will be able to give you information on their experience and qualifications. If you feel unsure, then ask if they have an references. This way you’ll be able to speak to somebody who has used their service in the past.

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