A pet that has recently died can be commemorated with some personalized items. The following ideas can be used to honor a pet during a memorial service and will help a pet owner remember them on a daily basis. They will also assist with planning a unique and honorable service for an animal.

Engraved Urn

An urn that is engraved with a pet’s name, photo and quote can make a beautiful keepsake that can be displayed on a shelf or inside of a cabinet that has a glass exterior. Many companies that design and sell Urns For Pets in Ashburn VA will be able to assist someone with choosing a design that will be fitting for their pet. An urn can be set up on a table during a memorial service so that others can view it. Afterward, Urns For Pets in Ashburn VA can be viewed daily and passed on to future generations.

Memory Tree

A small tree can be used to hang some of the best memories that a person and their family members have of their pet. Ornaments can be hung from branches with hooks. If memories are written on each one with a permanent marker, they will remain intact. A memory tree can be kept indoors if it is not supposed to grow to be large. Otherwise, a tree can be replanted outdoors. Once some time has passed, ornaments can be removed from branches and packed away or displayed indoors.

Personalized Pins

Pins can be designed that have a pet’s picture and name printed on them. Pins can be given to anyone who cares about a pet and worn throughout a memorial service. Afterward, pins can be kept as mementos. If a pet is missed a lot, someone may decide to wear a pin or clip it onto their bag or purse so that they can view their pet whenever they would like. A company that designs advertising materials can assist with designing each personalized pins.

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