Animals groom themselves on a regular basis, but it usually is not enough to remove dirt, debris, parasites and other things that can irritate their skin and cause them to feel uncomfortable. Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA improves their well-being and removes foul smells and germs from other animals or the environment outside. Regular bathing helps a pet to relax because they feel better. In addition to bathing, matting of their fur can be removed and medicated baths can be given.

Other Services Should Be Considered During A Bathing Session

When pet bathing in Alexandria VA occurs, an owner should consider other services that will improve and maintain their pet’s health, including shave downs that are beneficial for many animals that have long fur during the summer to keep them cooler or if they continually have matted hair. Nail trimming will give them better traction on smooth surfaces and ear cleaning can reduce their chance of an infection. Dental care should be performed on pets to avoid problems like abscessed teeth, tartar build up and gum disease. Ultrasonic dental and under the gum scaling, digital dental radiographs combined with a polish and fluoride rinse will keep a pet’s mouth healthy.

Signs A Pet Has Teeth Or Gum Problems

Increased pain and discomfort can cause them to stop eating because of the difficulty chewing their food. Red or swollen gums or bad breath is a sign of gum disease that could cause a pet to lose their teeth. Pet’s that receive regular baths, grooming and dental care tend to live longer and in better health. Animal hospitals provide the grooming services that a dog, cat or exotic pet requires to remain healthy and happy.

In addition to providing outstanding grooming services, a veterinary hospital can examine a pet for any signs of health conditions that can be treated early before serious symptoms appear. If you want to keep your pet happy and healthy, regular grooming and health checkups are important to have performed. Please feel free to Browse our website to find out more information about the quality services available for your pet.