Pets are part of the family. They deserve great medical care at a Veterinary Clinic in Oregon. The caring, compassionate and well-trained staff can handle all of their needs that a regular veterinarian does not including complex surgery. The specialists have been trained longer than a regular medical doctor. There are more than 20 different specialties that deliver medical care to pets. Even disorders that have to do with the neurological concerns a dog or cat may have can be medically treated by a specialist. Just because a dog or cat has a neurological condition does not mean they cannot live a long life with proper treatment.

Other areas a Veterinary Clinic in Oregon treat include:

1. Orthopedic

2. Oncology

3. Radiology

4. Pathology

5. Ophthalmology

6. Dermatology

7. Acupuncture and Rehabilitation

8. Emergency care

Accidents happen to pets. They can fall down stairs and be hit by a motor vehicle. Not all of these injuries should result in death with proper treatment. Herniated discs, broken bones and internal injuries can be addressed by a highly-trained staff member. An emergency clinic with specialists can give a dog or pet the best opportunity for a healthy outcome. Dermatology is another area that affects both dogs and cats. Parasites, allergies, skin diseases and hair loss are common in dogs and cats and can be treated. There is a variety of treatments so your pet can feel as comfortable as possible and be alleviated of the irritation.

Medication can relieve some orthopedic conditions in animals. There are other situations that require the skilled surgery of an orthopedic surgery. The orthopedic surgeon can correct birth defects, traumatic injuries and other disorders of the bones and joints. They will also explore various other options that are non-surgical and discuss the options available. Their goal is to deliver the best possible care available and are committed to making your pet better.

WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency and Specialty Center in Oregon is available whenever an animal is in distress. Their well-trained staff will take the utmost care of every pet that walks through the door in need of medical care. Their years of experience helping the little furry friends that everyone loves will leave the pets at ease and in great hands.