South Dakota pheasant hunting is extremely popular. People will travel from around the country and around the world to enjoy this sport. Pheasant hunting, whether or not you are successful, can be enjoyable. However, the joy is multiplied if the hunt is successful. Much of your success will depend on how prepared you are. It is advisable to learn as much about pheasant hunting in South Dakota before going on your first hunt.

If you are hunting during the early part of the season when the weather is dry, you will want to be around water. Pheasants will typically hang out in areas that have a lot of water during the dry season. This means that they are going to be around waterholes. Of course, pheasants are not going to be out in the open. They will be looking for places that have good cover.

When you research pheasant hunting in South Dakota, you will see that during the dry season pheasants are looking for waterholes. In addition to ponds and streams, pheasants will look for irrigation canals, faucets, water pump hoses, irrigation equipment, and containers used for watering livestock.

Many have commented that their first pheasant hunt was not as successful as they had hoped. However, as they garnered experience and knew when to hunt, where to hunt, and how to hunt, their results improved. Regardless of the time of year that you are hunting, your success will likely increase if you bring a hunting dog with you. A hunting dog can help you flush out more pheasants.