One of the worst things that can happen is you lock yourself out of your home, car or your business or commercial space. Not only is it a little embarrassing, it is definitely inconvenient and may even be an emergency.

For a commercial space, you must be sure that when everyone leaves for the day, everything is locked appropriately. For businesses may want to take additional security measures like an alarm, CCTV or even fencing and security guards. If you ever have problems unlocking a door or fence, the best Commercial Locksmith in Rancho Cordova is at your disposal.

People often hide keys for their homes. But in reality times business people do the same with their commercial properties. Here are two places you should never hide an extra set of keys.

Window Ledge

To protect yourself from potential intruders, you have to attempt to think like potential intruders. Consider taking a look at the property. Walk around its entirety and think about the areas where an intruder may believe that you will hide an extra set of keys. A window ledge near the main entrance, for example, is not a good place to hide an extra set of keys. It is too obvious, and in a hurry, you can believe that it will one of the first places someone will look.

Under the Mat

At your home or business, if you have a mat in front of your main entrance, it is tempting to hide an extra set of keys under it. Unfortunately, it is too obvious and one of the first places where an intruder will look. Remember, they are in a hurry to get into the property, so they are going to search around the main entrance areas, first.

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