Plumbers in Charleston, SC Can Inspect Your Sewer Line for Potential Backup Problems

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Heating & Air conditioning

Plumbing systems are one of the systems that homeowners do not pay much attention to until it fails. One failure that is disastrous is a sewer line backup into the house and down the hallways. This could have been prevented by having a plumber run a plumbing auger (also referred to as a plumbing snake) into the drain to examine the condition of the drain and for any blockages Tree roots can travel a long distance seeking water. You may not have any trees, but your neighbour may. Cast iron pipe will break up after a number of years and form a clog.

If there is a blockage, then plumbers can run a rotating blade powered by a high pressure water system to cut out the clog and send it down into the city line. This system will also clean the sewer line walls of any accumulated debris. If the line is broken, then it should be repaired. There are trench less lines that can be put in place if the sewer line needs to be replaced. Plumbers in Charleston, SC can perform this type of work.

These highly trained plumbers can also check the interior plumbing for leaks with high tech equipment or by a keen eye that notices wet spots on the ceiling and the walls. These generally indicate a leak in the water lines. It may be a pin hole leak, but it must be fixed to keep black mold from growing. The process involves cutting into the walls where the leak is suspected to originate.

The bathroom drains should be cleaned since they accumulate debris from showering and washing hair. Cleaners used can accumulate on the drain walls. Another drain which should be checked is the garbage disposal drain since food debris can attach to the grease in this drain. The hot water heater should be checked for sediment build up and the stability of the heat plate where the flame heats the water.

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