Polyester Powder Coating – Features and Benefits

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Business

Powder coating is often applied to metals in order to protect their surfaces from corrosion. It is a free-flowing dry powder and can protect such items as bicycle parts, food processing equipment, aluminum extrusions, automobile parts and drum hardware. Polyester powder coating does not required the combination of binder and filler parts as with a liquid coating. With this type of powder coating, the application is made electrostatically with heat used for the curing process. The result is a more durable finish that the process used with a conventional paint.

Features of Polyester Powder Coating
This type of powder coating is among the most popular coatings used by U.S. industrial and manufacturing companies. This coating comes in various forms, including, polyester urethane, polyester TGIC and polyester TGIC-free.

In particular, polyester TGIC offers excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays. It possesses durable properties and is useful for decorative outdoor applications. Some of the everyday items it can protect include garden and lawn equipment as well as wheels of cars and trucks. It is a very effective coating for the protection of items exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Polyester urethane powder offers good chemical and mechanical properties. It is useful for both outdoor and indoor applications. Some of the items it can protect include business machines, office furniture and lighting fixtures. It is useful for protecting against chipping and marring and has solid weathering resistance properties.

Polyester TGIC Free is similar to TGIC. It is a durable exterior coating excellent for a variety of industrial applications.

Basic Benefits
Polyester powder coating comes in a vast array of color options. It delivers a quality, uniform finish to the object on which it is applied. This coating can cover even the most complex and difficult shapes. This type of powder retains its color and gloss over a long period of time, minimizing the need for unnecessary reapplications.

If you require powder coatings to protect your equipment investments, contact a reliable and experience provider of industrial coatings and platings. Their experts will have the knowledge to help you find the best polyester powder coating solution for your project needs.

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