The idea of installing a Poured Floor is no longer appropriate only for workspaces. Many homeowners choose this approach for living rooms, dens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. The thing to remember is that the flooring does not have to sport an industrial look. With a little imagination, the floor can take on any appearance the homeowner wants. Here are some ideas to consider.

Tinting the Concrete

If concrete is going to be used for the Poured Floor, there are two ways to add color. One approach is to smooth the surface, clean it thoroughly, then tint the top layer before applying the sealant that creates the glossy finish. That works great if the owner may want to change the color later on. When the plan is to stick with something for the long term, it’s fine to add the color to the mix before the concrete is poured.

One benefit of adding the color first is that the owner can make sure the shade is perfect for the space. This is important when that color will serve as the foundation for whatever other elements are introduced into the room. For example, the floor color can be the inspiration for upholstery choices, window treatments, and even the wall color.

Adding an Unexpected Touch

In some areas of the house, adding some fun touches to the flooring makes the place seem more like home. Consider finishing the poured bathroom floor so most of it looks like marble. In the area in front of the shower stall, use color to create what appears to be a puddle. That touch of whimsy will be enough to bring a smile to the faces of any guest who needs to use the facilities.

Whimsical touches can also be included when the flooring is in a child’s bedroom. Instead of rugs, why not create a motif that resembles an ocean floor? Include what appears to be fish, rocks, sand, seaweed, and any other aquatic elements in the design. Those choices add color and fun to the space & which is something the room’s occupant will love.

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