The use of occasional tables or coffee tables in an office space can take a rather boring and stark looking room and add a touch of warmth and style. With different options in these tables, it will be easy to match a current design scheme or to emphasize a particular look.

These are also the perfect option to display materials in waiting rooms, to add to the complete look of a room or to help to coordinate a meeting space or a conversation area with practical and functional side tables.

The Centerpiece of the Room

In small offices or in smaller reception areas, a well-selected coffee table or central table adds to the décor. It can be used to hold flowers, a central focus sculpture or design element or for some carefully selected coffee table books and magazines.

Generally, in an office space or a reception area, the lines on the coffee table and the occasional tables room should coordinate with the desk in the area. This includes the same times of lines and design elements as well as the same type of wood or laminate finish. This adds to the look of the room without looking mismatched.

Of course, it may add to the look to coordinate the table with the grouping of furniture to give a separate and distinct look to the area. Just remember, it will be a central focus so it should look spectacular with the furniture in the room

Typically, these central tables tend to be about the couch seat height or slightly lower. They can be rectangular, square, solid or open in their design. There are also round occasional tables that are perfect for small or large areas.

End or Side Tables

Matching or coordinating end and side tables do more than just fill in an otherwise blank spot in the room. They can be used for lamps and occasional lighting that can create a softer type of lighting for meetings, conversations or just to relax.

They are also important as a functional or practical item. They can be used to hold materials, brochures or information and can also display favorite artwork, awards or other items.

The use of the smaller end or side tables will depend on the space in the room. As these tables will certainly be used, buying top quality furniture is always the best possible option for long-lasting, elegant tables.