Have you been dreaming of having CBAP next to your name from some time now, maybe last few months or maybe a year or a half too?

Has it started becoming a far-fetched dream for you and with the new curriculum do you seem to have lost all the confidence to grab it.

Don’t lose all the hope, read Missed the Bus get ready for the next one

Here are simple 10 steps which will take you to your dream certification:

CBAP certification recommended approach would be

  1. Check your eligibility with the CBAP requirements – Check the eligibility here
  2. Attend a prep course with an EEP – Adaptiveus.com/CBAP and obtain the mandatory 35 Professional Development Hours
  3. Meet our expert trainers who have been part of the IIBA authoring and questions team – Peter Johnson, LN, Lora
  4. Start reading Adaptive CBAP study guide to get a firsthand hold on the concepts and then move to BABoK v3 – Adaptive CBAP Study Guide
  5. Complete the CBAP application filing – The Adaptive CBAP application template helps you fill up the CBAP application within few hours with 100% assured results of approval. The template is 100% failure proof for IIBA CBAP application filing
  6. Test your understanding with the CBAP model questions –https://www.adaptiveus.com/product/cbap-exam-questions/
  7. Revise your concepts, work on the weak areas
  8. Book your exam with IIBA – Choose one from this list of CBAP centers based on your region
  9. Do some more revision of BABoK and CBAP exam simulator
  10. Once you are scoring about 80- 85% in the model questions you are ready to go for it
  11. Take the exam

Visit Adaptiveus.com for more information.