When someone moves into a neighborhood where service will do weekly waste removal in New Braunfels TX, it is likely they will want to take the necessary steps in preparing trash for pickup. Trash that is not contained properly can lead to unfortunate pest invasions and offensive odors. Here are some tips that will help in keeping trash well-protected when waiting for a pickup service to arrive.

Select The Right Cans For The Job

Trash cans should have secure lids to keep trash contained inside safe from exposure. Many cans have movable handles that snap into place over a lid, helping to keep lids snug. Cans that cannot be crushed or dented easily will also help to keep trash safe as the risk of cracking of the enclosure is diminished.

Make Sure Trash Is Double-Bagged And Use A Deodorizer

Garbage should be double-bagged if possible. This will aid in eliminating excessive odor and will make it less likely that the bags will break when they are moved from a can to a garbage pickup truck. A deodorizing spray can be used inside of cans to help with odor control as well. It is best to rinse out cans after waste removal to keep them from accumulating trapped odors.

Store Trash In The Right Location

It is best to keep trash cans in an enclosed location when waiting for refuse removal. If cans are kept out in the open, they will be vulnerable to being knocked over as animals may try to gain entry if they are looking for food. Avoid placing trash cans in a spot in direct sunlight as this will amplify any odor refuse inside emits. Placing cans inside of a shed or garage where they are out of the reach of animals and hot conditions is best.

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