Prevent Sewer Backups During Heavy Rains

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Plumbing

Springtime is coming up in a couple months, and the rains are going to get heavy. While it’s always good to keep in mind how important April showers are for the next month’s flowers, there are other (not so desirable) things that April showers can bring too. As a likely result of global warming, rainstorms have been more severe than they were in the past, and they can cause flooding. They can also cause a variety of plumbing problems such as sewer backups. Fortunately, your local plumbers can help you prevent significant damage with a flood control installation.

Sewer backups are among the most frustrating issues that homeowners can face with their plumbing. Often, what seems like a quick fix turns into a job that takes days on end. Plumbers leave at the end of the day saying “Well, we tried to fix XYZ, but then we realized there’s something else going on that we’ll take care of tomorrow.” And on and on it goes. The best bet is to prevent this problem from occuring in the first place.

There are several reasons why sewer backups can occur. There might be a blockage starting to form in one of the pipes that goes completely unnoticed until you have a couple of relatives visiting for a few days. Suddenly, a bunch of people are taking showers and using other aspects of the plumbing much more frequently than usual, and after a few days, you start to notice a trickle of water rising from the drain in your basement.

Another reason for sewer backups is heavy rainfall. A municipality’s sewer system can actually become completely overwhelmed by heavy flooding to the point that is causes a backup. When the pressure builds up in the pipes, the flow can actually reverse. This is a tricky situation, but it can be prevented – or at least made much less likely to occur – with flood control installation. If you live in a climate that gets especially heavy springtime squalls, then you should definitely consider putting some flood protection I place. Many homeowners are willing to take the risk of going without it, only to find themselves strapped down by big bills after a big storm.

Don’t let yourself be tied down by the need for repairs after a heavy rain! Protect your home with flood control installation that will keep those nasty sewer backups from occuring. Find out more about flood control installation from an expert plumbing company – North Coast Sewer & Drainage.

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