Prevention is always better than a solution, and that’s never been truer than when it’s applied to auto repair. If you don’t have money stashed away for auto repairs, then the cost of getting a new transmission or a catalytic converter repaired can seriously ruin your finances for quite some time. There are things that you can do to help prevent some of the more common auto repairs and keep from making too many trips to an auto mechanic in Fort Collins CO.

Every spark plug you have in your car is electronically timed so that it fires at a certain time in order to deliver power from your automobile’s engine. If the spark were ever to fire at the wrong time or not fire at all, then you’ll experience a misfire. Some of the reasons that you can have a misfire include oil or carbon on your spark plugs, bad spark-plug wires, poor fuel delivery or a vacuum leak. Any of these can cost you $100, $300 or $1,000 dollars. In order to keep from experiencing a spark plug misfire, make sure that you follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual of your car and keep your car tuned up.

Your car’s evaporative emissions system control (EVAP) system traps the fumes coming from your gas tank. If the EVAP ever has a leak from corrosion deteriorating the lines, then the car’s computer will register it as an EVAP leak. In order to take care of the problem, an Auto Mechanic in Fort Collins CO has to locate the leak or faulty part, repair or replace it and reset the car’s system. The entire process can cost you anywhere from $100 to $700, depending on what all is needed. In order to prevent an EVAP leak, make sure that your gas cap is on nice and tight after you refuel. A good rust protection application can also go a long way to make sure the EVAP system doesn’t suffer much corrosion.

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is an emission system that is created to decrease combustion chamber temperature so that nitrous oxide gas doesn’t form as often, which can spread harmful pollutants in the air. There’s always a chance that the EGR system will have a buildup of carbon or will experience electronic control problems. In order to take care of any repairs your system needs, you may have to pay $200 to $700. To keep your EGR system in good shape, an auto mechanic in Fort Collins CO will recommend that you have the fuel system cleaned every 30,000 miles, which will keep the system safe from carbon buildup.