With summer already at our front doorstep, many women look forward to wearing cool and comfortable clothing. This includes shorts, bathing suits and halter tops. While some women welcome the change from cool weather fashions, there is an entirely different legion of ladies who would rather stick to long sleeves all year long.

Depending upon one’s genetic makeup and cultural preference, excess body hair can be a real issue. Traditional methods to remove this unwanted hair has always relied on chemical depilatories and personal shavers. The first option is often too strong for sensitive skin. As for manual and electric razors, these can leave unsightly shaving bumps upon the skin.

Salons typically feature such techniques as hot wax, poured and then ripped off the surface of the skin. This, however, can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Improperly melted wax causes serious burns and scarring. Beauty shops with improper hygienic habits are additionally a prime reason for skin infections.

Laser Hair Removal is the modern method to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. It is clean, fast and highly effective. Because of its medical nature, this procedure should only be performed under the watchful eye of an M.D. (medical doctor) or D.M.D (doctor of medical dermatology.) Registered nurses and trained assistants will also be involved during this outpatient treatment.

While most people associate the need to remove unwanted hair with women, male patients regularly visit their physician to remove unwanted hair as well. Laser Hair Removal is frequently used to take excess hair off shoulders, chest and back areas. After one or more sessions, patients report that they feel confident enough to wear a swimsuit at a pool or beachside setting. Unlike other forms of temporary and amateur-based hair removal, laser-assisted methods are usually permanent.

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