Professional art shipping to New York is the only sure fire way to protect your art. Whether you have to ship your art across town or across the world you want it to be handled with care. Typical moving and storage firms are not set up to handle precious art and it can be a very risky endeavor to have them ship your artwork. You have to choose a company that specializes in shipping every kind of art.

Proper Handling

It is imperative to choose a trusted source that has the experience to pack, ship and store your artwork. Art comes in many different forms like:

  • Framed/unframed canvas art
  • Pottery
  • Statuary/sculptures
  • Textiles
  • Collections
  • Other valuable items

Unless you choose a service that specifically has the skills to ship any type of art you are risking your valuables. You need a dependable service that specializes in the handling/shipping/storing of art to ensure that your art maintains its value. Proper handling and climate controlled conditions will keep your art in pristine condition when it is being shipped.

The Experienced Professional

The right service will have a staff of experienced professionals that is at your disposal to help take care of your shipment and to ease your concerns. You can easily tell when you are using the right service because the experience is seamless and you will feel completely at ease. There are not many art shipping concerns that focus entirely on helping people ship/store/install their art but there is one that has earned a positive reputation for providing top tier services.

If you want to protect your art there is only one firm you should consider-Art Pack. Art Pack has over 25 years of experience in handling fine art, valuable collections and everything in between that you find valuable.