When spring comes, people begin to get excited about cleaning up their yards, hosting barbeque dinners, and running through the sprinkler. Pests in the yard, such as fleas and mosquitos, can make it miserable to spend time in the yard. Family pets can also bring fleas and ticks into the home when they come in from playing outside. This can lead to a much bigger mess to deal with. Protecting the yard is easier than you think with proper pest control.


Pets are an enjoyable part of family life. They are also ideal hosts for fleas and ticks. These can be picked up away from home and dropped in your yard by your dog or cat. A stray cat or wild animal may also wander into your yard with these pests. Fleas can also become abundant in your home if they are not dealt with early on. Accutech Pest Management can form a treatment plan for your yard. They can also treat the interior to help prevent an infestation inside the home. These methods, coupled with your efforts to treat your pet, can significantly reduce your chances of a repeat occurrence. Quality pest control options allow for knowledgeable treatment in a timely manner. If you know that there are wild animals living nearby, call for preventative yard care before a problem begins.

Other Yard Dwellers

There are several other pests that can make your yard less than desirable. If you have trees close to your home, there may be things like chiggers and spiders. Pasadena pest control can deal with this, as well. Spiders can be found in piles of dead leaves that may accumulate under the tree. Clearing the leaves can help; however, pest control may be necessary to complete the eradication. Trash bins on the side of the home may be the first stop before rodents enter your home. A good exterminator can help you come up with a comprehensive plan.

When spring is on the way, have the yard treated early on. This can help to prevent issues from arising in the first place. When you have pets, it is even more important to take care of this issue. They can otherwise bring outdoor pests into the home. Plan a consultation for your yard care today.

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