There are so many things that make a home very appealing to criminals, and there are a great many things that a 24 hour security service in Germantown, TN would recommend for keeping it safe when it crosses their radar. The most important thing for you and your loved ones is that your home be a safe haven against any who would threaten your property or even safety for criminal profit. Knowing a few simple steps can bring this peace of mind.

One of the most popular things that a criminal will do in order to enter a home is to pose as a solicitor, even acquiring the proper permits in order to do so legitimately. This enables the criminal to ascertain whether or not a home is occupied during a certain time of day. A 24 hour security service in Germantown, TN knows this is also a risk to you if you are in the habit of ignoring solicitors, as they will interpret your lack of response at the door as a sign that you are not home. In these situations, a thief may enter your home while you are there, and put you at increased risk of injury or loss. These kinds of daytime burglaries have always been appealing to savvy criminals, since they know that the nine-to-five work regimen of working adults is often paired with the errands and scurrying about of the other party who is at home. This leaves a large portion of the day where your home is open, often without the alarm being armed.

When a home has the silly little signs indicating the property is under surveillance, or is protected by an alarm system, this is actually a real deterrent to a criminal, who will obviously take these things into consideration. Even when there isn’t one in place, you want the criminal to think twice about entering. The vast majority of illegal entries made into a home are going to come through the back of the residence, coming through doors or windows. This habit of criminals is often made much easier by the fact that the vast majority of home-owners who own an alarm or 24 hour security service in Germantown, TN, will neglect to turn the alarm on during the day, or even when they are at home. Criminals may not mind that you are home, welcoming the addition of your wallet and knowledge of where the valuables are located in a home. Making your home secure through these means can therefore be very reassuring to you and your family.