The roof of your home could well be it’s most important feature. It’s primary function is to protect you and your possessions from the elements, but it may be just as important that it protects the home as well. When water seeps into the materials of your home it will cause damage. What type of damage will depend on the material involved, but most construction materials such as lumber and drywall will swell and rot. In the case of drywall, the material may break off leaving noticeable holes in the interior finish of your home.

To avoid these types of issues you should periodically have a Roofer Layton perform an inspection of your roof. The typical homeowner can look for signs of water leakage, but few really know what signs are indicators of long term damage and which are signs of extreme stress. For example, some water marks are an indication of the roof leaking, but large stains may not mean those leaks have been years in the making. Water stains may not be a sign that your roof is due for replacement, but they are a definite indication that there is a leak somewhere which should be addressed.

Of course, not all damage is visible and some areas of the roof may be inaccessible. In these cases the best a homeowner can do is hope the home was well built or they see some indication of problem before the damage is extensive. However, even the best inspections can’t circumvent every possible problem and most roofs will eventually require replacement. When this happens to your home it is in your best interest to shop around for a qualified Roofer Layton with plenty of experience. A shoddy repair job will simply put you back in the same position you were when the roof failed.

When considering the new roofing materials you might want to consider the long term aspect of your home. Simply getting a quick shingle replacement may not be in your best interest. New metal roofing materials can easily replace old shingles and in some cases fit over existing roofing and they can last for many decades, barring acts of God.