One has to wonder as to who is more frightened to visit the vet for an initial medical examination. Puppies First Shots in Oahu rarely cause as much apprehension in canines as they do for their human family members. While these puppies may be awfully young to be seeing a doctor, it is because of their youth that routine inoculations must be scheduled on time.

Having a veterinarian examine a puppy is important no matter where one obtains their pet. Puppies from breeders, rescues and pet shops all need to be seen by a doctor. Should there by any serious medical issues, they can be taken care of immediately.

Young puppies and kittens can be subject to intestinal worms. Even fleas on such a small animal can be removed in a sensitive manner. Today’s prescription flea medications are thoroughly tested and available in formulas for juvenile animals.

During the examination, the doctor will take blood work and possibly a stool sample. This is sent to the lab to establish exactly what type of parasite may be bothering the patient. These bodily samples are taken with care, so the animal is never harmed in any way.

An appointment to receive Puppies First Shots in Oahu is also a wonderful time to ask questions of the doctor. It is a good idea to ask what type of food a young animal should eat, and how often they should be fed.

Unlike the feeding advice of decades past, it is now expected that pet owners will feed their babies food produced especially for their immature digestive systems. To meet these goals, major pet food chains manufacture puppy and kitten food in a variety of flavor assortments.

One thing that every animal care center will discuss with a pet owner is the importance of spaying and neutering. Unless a pet owner is experienced at showing championship dogs, their animal should not reproduce. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes for every dog and cat. To change these statistics, vets all over the country have made animal birth control their goal. To learn more, visit the website at You can also visit them on YouTube.