You may have heard that adults can’t learn to play an instrument as well as a child can, or maybe you’ve been discouraged from learning a new instrument due to your age. But don’t feel discouraged. According to NPR, both neuroscientists and music teachers claim that age should not be a consideration when deciding whether or not to learn a new musical skill and that, contrary to popular belief, the less pliable adult brain is far from the biggest challenge to overcome when practicing an instrument. In other words, age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning an instrument! Anyone can learn, young, old, or in between.

Reasons to Start Now

The decision to take guitar lessons at the Lone Star School of Music can benefit adults just as much as children and adolescents. In fact, Berkeley writers explain several ways that music can strengthen our social bonds and our well-being.

  1. Music encourages our cultural cohesiveness and awareness of other traditions.

  1. The creation of music encourages us to create, cooperate, and coordinate with other individuals.

  1. Both listening to and creating music releases oxytocin, a hormone that plays a crucial role in our ability to form deep bonds with others.

Are you ready for lessons?

If you can purchase or rent a guitar, and if you can set aside some time every week to practice for a few minutes a day, you’ve already jumped some of the highest hurdles preventing adults from picking up a new instrument and exploring their musical talent. The next step is choosing a music school. Luckily, finding nearby guitar lessons in Austin is an easy task.

Thanks to the presence of music schools that offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, and more, it’s entirely within your reach to pursue your dreams, regardless of age. If you’ve ever wanted to form a band with your friends, learn to compose music by experimenting with musical instruments, or accompany your singing voice with the melody of a guitar or piano, go for it!