Have you noticed that your neighbor’s yard looks absolutely stunning, and you can’t seem to figure out why yours doesn’t look as good? Do you want a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of? Chances are that your neighbor is using a professional lawn care company that provides landscaping, mowing, and specialized techniques such as lawn aeration in Spokane area. The basics of excellent lawn care include mowing your yard regularly, fertilizing it, and making sure that it is watered frequently, especially if you live in a dry climate. However, it is also important to ensure that nutrients are reaching the soil, and this is where quality aeration services come in. Aeration is incredibly important if you want a lawn that is healthy all year round, because it enables the right amounts of water and air to penetrate deeply. This eliminates the thatch and built-up grass that make most yards look unhealthy.

The Aeration Process

Aeration is a specialized technique, and most people find that it is much easier to hire a professional company that what it is to try to complete the process on their own. With aeration, the soil is perforated with tiny holes that allow water, nutrients, and air to flow freely into the roots of your grass. This gives the roots a strong foundation for growth, and it products grass that is much stronger, greener, and healthier. The process also alleviates compaction in the soil. This is essential to the process, because compacted soil is loaded with solid particles in tight spaces, and this prevents the proper circulation of water, nutrients, and air in the soil.

Hire a Professional Company That is Insured

There are many people that claim to have green thumbs where lawn care is concerned, but many of these people are not licensed professionals. It is vital to hire the services of a company that is insured! An insured company will help protect you in case workers get hurt on your property, or in case serious damage is caused to your lawn by their service techniques. Most reputable companies will have no problem at all in proving they are insured. If a company is insured and has an excellent reputation in Spokane and the surrounding areas, then you probably count on them being a reliable company that you can trust. Without a doubt, a professional company is the way to go.