There are many different metal finishing companies in any city across the United States. As with any type of service, choosing wisely will make the difference in quality end results at a competitive price or low price options that are also low in quality.

When you need custom metal finishing, there are additional considerations over just quality and price. Of course, both of those issues will continue to be factors, but often other issues such as experience, equipment and lead time will also be essential to consider.

Knowing what to ask companies offering or promoting their custom metal finishing services is a big part of making the right decision. By asking questions of each of the companies under consideration, it will be a simple process to narrow down the choices.


Experience in the metal finishing industry is just one part of this question. It will also be critical to ask about experience in working with similar types of projects. In other words, if you require custom finishing on parts for a medical device look for a finishing company with existing customers in that area.

In addition to experience in metal finishing and in your specific industry, ask about experience in working with the material you need to be finished. Exotic or rare types of alloys or metals will require specialized finishing methods and processing. A company with real world training and experience with that metal or alloy are already prepared to get started while another company may need to research and test.

Top service providers can use their expertise to work with unique parts and metals. This experience also allows these providers to work to tight tolerances and specifications with the latest in technology and equipment.

Added Services

Depending on the specific parts and components you may need to ask about processes and services for larger than typical parts and components or for very small parts.

Some companies are able to handle these types of jobs immediately, while others may have to work around existing orders or possible limitations of their equipment. It is important to verify that any work done by the custom metal finishing company will be done in-house and not contracted out to other service providers.

Companies offering everything from deburring, descaling to radiusing and then also offering anodizing and passivating services are always the best choice. This allows the entire finishing process to be completed through one supplier, ensuring top quality control and much easier management of logistics for shipping and delivery on your time requirements.