Questions To Ask Your Nose Surgeon In Naperville, IL

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Health

People have surgery performed on their noses for a number of reasons: to correct snoring, to provide realignment after a break, or to change their look to something that inspires more confidence. Whatever the reason, it’s important to find the right surgeon for the job, and to ensure that you are well aware of the things you as a patient need to do and keep in mind to expedite the recovery process after surgery is completed. Here are a few questions to ask your nose surgeon in Naperville, IL, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

While your surgeon will likely discuss the recovery process with you at some point, if you are at all uncertain about what you need to keep in mind as you recover from the procedure, be sure to specifically ask what the process is like. Some types of nose surgery are more painful than others, which will in turn make recovery slightly different. Asking about this ahead of time can give you an opportunity to mentally prepare, as well as ensure that you have recommended medications and other ancillary care tools (such as gauze, tape, and a safe cleanser) on hand before going into surgery.

Will There Be Any Restrictions On Activity/Diet Before Or After?

In some cases, surgeons will make dietary and activity recommendations for patients to follow even before having the surgery. This tends to help make recovery easier, as entering surgery with a healthy diet is the best way to stay strong and healthy throughout the surgery and into recovery. You will be advised to quit smoking, and will likely be told which medications to avoid prior to surgery. Be sure to follow all of these recommendations to avoid complications.

What Are The Anticipated Results?

Ask your surgeon what type of results you can anticipate following the procedure. If your nose is going to look drastically different, ask for details or to see a composite photo. This helps to get you used to your new look ahead of time, softening the initial shock of seeing yourself with a new nose for the first time after surgery.

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