Questions to Ask Your SEO Consultant

by | May 17, 2016 | Business

You have a problem. Your website isn’t drawing in the traffic you want, and consequently you’re not getting the sales you want for your business. You’ve heard that a SEO consultant can optimize your website with SEO content that will boost traffic to your website. To ensure that you and your Chicago SEO consultant are a good match, here are some questions you should ask before you commit to a consultant’s service.

To install SEO content on your site, consultants may modify or add to your HTML code, put in more content with keywords to attract customers, or even add more webpages. Since these changes can affect the layout of your site, ask to know all the changes they’ve done to your site. You’ll also want to know how they measure success of your SEO campaign. A good Chicago SEO consultant will have experience in analytics that can direct traffic to your website. Check to see how they will use this data to boost your rankings on search engines. In addition, make sure that your consultant can improve your standing in search results for your city, town or community.

You’ll also want to nail down how you and your consultant will communicate. See if your consultant prefers texting, using the phone, emailing, or talking in person. Also, ask if they will update you frequently on their progress. And don’t forget to get clear payment terms. See if your Chicago SEO consultant is paid by the hour or by the project. Be sure to check on when and how frequently payments are due. Finally, be sure that you hold ownership of all changes your consultant does on your website when your contract expires.

A well qualified Chicago SEO consultant will be ready to answer your questions and deal with issues that may come up. Knowing what to ask will give you both peace in mind and an added reason to look forward to a job well done.

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