Selling a startup or established business is not the same as simply selling commercial property. Commercial real estate agents are the ideal professionals to sell property and buildings, but to fully understand the valuation, marketing and sale of an Eau Claire, WI business it will be essential to have a specialist.

The professionals that are best suited to work with business owners for these types of transactions are business selling advisors. Much more than a commercial real estate agent, a business advisor will be able to assess a fair market value for the company, market the business and bring in qualified, vetted buyers with an interest in your specific business.

There are many people who market themselves as business selling advisors. Knowing how to ask a few simple questions to evaluate their expertise and experience can assist you in finding the best professional for your business sale.

What is Your Strategy for My Business Sale?

This is a very broad question that will help you determine where the focus is for the business selling advisors you are interviewing. Ideally, the professional should ask you questions as well to determine your goals in the sale and what you find important in selling the company.

The advisor should talk about performing a valuation, providing options to better position the business for a sale and then using the internal network of contacts to bring in qualified buyers.

What are the Potential Challenges in Selling the Business?

This question will provide insight into how informed the business selling advisors are with regards to your industry and your market sector. To answer this question the business advisor has to understand your business as well as the model you use. They should be asking questions about your business rather than just providing a pat answer.

Look for specifics in this information and not generalizations. Be very concerned if the advisor indicates there are no challenges as every business in Eau Claire, WI has issues that may make it difficult to market.

You will want to research the brokerage firm as well as the individual selling advisor. The internet makes this type of research easy and you should have no difficulty in finding testimonials and feedback from prior clients of the service. Positive comments about professionalism, communication and transparency through the process are key factors to look for in any reviews.

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