Rainfall can have a negative effect on pool chemicals in League City. When the area experiences heavy rains, these chemicals need to be analyzed to ensure they are still correct. For example, acid rain may change the pH and alkalinity of the pool water as they could drop significantly. They aren’t the only chemicals that may change after heavy rain also. For this reason, the pool water needs to be checked after any rain.

Why Is This So Important?

Algae often grow in pools when the chemicals aren’t balanced. Furthermore, the surface of the pool and the equipment may be negatively affected when the chemicals are off. This doesn’t even take into account how an imbalance in the chemicals can be harmful to swimmers. Any time the area experiences heavy rainfall, have the pool water analyzed. This will help to ensure the chemicals are present in their proper concentrations. This analysis needs to be very thorough to make certain nothing is missed.

What Chemicals Need to Be Checked and Why?

Most pool owners know to check the chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and algaecide in the pool following a heavy rain. However, other chemicals must also be checked. For instance, the calcium level must be checked as a low level of calcium may lead to damage to the pool surface. Cyanuric acid levels must also be analyzed to ensure they are at the correct level. This chemical helps to prevent the sun and heat from depleting the chlorine levels in the pool. When this chlorine depletion occurs, the water may become cloudy, and algae growth is more likely. Other chemicals that should be tested to include salt and borates. A metal remover may also be necessary.

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