Home and Garden magazine indicates that treating the ceiling as a fifth wall by adding embellishments, copper medallions around the lights, or a Copper Ceiling in Long Island NY is the second easiest way to increase the value of the property. Whether the property is a home or business, changing the ceiling will give the entire space a fresh new look. A copper ceiling adds texture, bright accents, and style to the area. It can also serve as the component that pulls all the other decor together. The furniture, lighting, flooring, and curtains can be totally different from each other and still work in a room with a copper ceiling. There are multiple patterns available in copper, and custom designs can be created by experienced craftsmen.

Installation of a Copper Ceiling in Long Island NY can be completed utilizing a few techniques. Steel or wood suspension systems can be used as a platform for copper tiles. Nail-up or snap-in pan can be used over plaster or sheet-rock, as can lay-in and lay-in tegular methods. An experienced company can determine the best installation method for the current condition of the home or business ceiling.

If a copper ceiling is not within the budget, copper-plated tiles are an option. Installing copper cornices is another alternative. Cornices are decorative moldings placed where the walls and ceiling meet, installed on the wall above furniture for accent, or even on the top exterior of a building. The material used is less expensive than covering an entire ceiling so is more affordable in copper.

Other decorative ceiling options include tin, stainless steel, brass, or chrome plated, pre-painted white tiles, and custom color tiles. The patterns and styles available, such as Victorian, Gothic, Colonial, and a variety of scrolls, number over thirty. Ceilings can be added to any room in the home and are most commonly used in kitchen renovations. In a business such as a restaurant or a hotel lobby, the ceiling becomes an impressive focal point. It is different, striking, and attracts new customers. Property owners can browse our website for details, to explore the possibilities, and view the gallery of previous projects.