RCM Coding Helps Maintain Cash Flow

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Healthcare

Your medical facility relies on a steady flow of income from patient visits to pay employees, buy more supplies and equipment and maintain the equipment you already have. Without proper RCM coding, none of this is possible, making it more difficult to continue providing the high level of patient care they deserve. Outsourcing this important task can be critical in helping you generate the flow of income you require.

Fast, Accurate Claims

The most important part of medical billing is making sure every service is coded properly, especially the diagnosis, and claims are paid in a timely manner. Insurance companies are not known for paying out quickly, so it is even more important to get those claims out as fast as possible after the service is provided. With the help of an outsourcing provider that specializes in RCM medical coding, you can rest assured all claims will be completely accurate and will be submitted as quickly as possible so you can expect faster payments to maintain your cash flow.

Reduced Denials

Another essential aspect of maintaining a good cash flow for your medical office is reducing the number of denied claims. When a claim is denied, your RCM coding team needs to review the claim to check if any of the coding was done incorrectly. If so, it must be remedied and then resubmitted to the insurance company, which greatly extends the amount of time it takes to get paid. For claims that were rightfully denied, the cost is then passed along to the patient. This can create several problems as well since it can be difficult for many patients to pay these bills. Instead, it’s best to make sure everything is in alignment to be paid by the insurance company to help protect your flow of funds.

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