Driving while intoxicated is a dangerous thing to do, and people who engage in this sort of activity not only get caught often, but they can face significant legal penalties. However, regardless of the perception of driving while intoxicated and regardless of how irresponsible that sort of behavior is, individuals accused of driving while intoxicated still have a right to be represented by an attorney. In these instances, it’s typically best for a person being charged with DUI to look for the services of DUI lawyers in Angola, Indiana.

Attorney Consultations

There are many things that a DUI lawyer can do for a person facing this particular criminal charge. In some instances, the attorney will only be useful for consultation purposes. In situations where someone has never been charged with DUI before or have never been charged with a crime for that matter, and the incident didn’t result in property damage or injuries, there is not a great deal that an attorney can do. Typically, if the person was driving while under the influence, they will receive the minimal sentence. While it can be difficult to deal with those repercussions, it is something that a person can successfully navigate and–hopefully–learn a lesson from.

More Serious Circumstances Require Serious Legal Representation

There are instances where people are arrested for DUI even though they are not drunk or under the influence of narcotics or pharmaceutical drugs. In these situations, having the services of DUI lawyers in Angola, Indiana is imperative.

In many of these cases, an attorney could cast a certain amount of doubt on the evidence against their client or they could even call into question the reasoning for stopping the driver. With so many extenuating circumstances that may come up in situations where a person has been charged with DUI while they were not intoxicated or impaired, it is essential to have legal representation.

There are many types of DUI cases, which is why it is crucial to set up a consultation with an attorney. If you are facing a DUI charge, whether you’re looking at serious repercussions or perhaps you feel you have been unjustly charged, speaking with the law office of Yoder & Kraus is a good first step to begin mounting your defense.