For many years, dentists have been providing fillings for their patients with cavities. In the past, it was obvious who had cavities fixed because the tooth would be filled with a silver colored filling. In today’s times, there are more options available for those who need fillings. Whereas the aesthetic appearance of a filled cavity may not have been important in days gone by, it becomes a serious issue with patients today. There is a dentist who offers tooth colored fillings in Fishers IN. Following are some reasons patients prefer tooth colored fillings over the traditional amalgam.

Pretty much most of the tooth fillings in the past were filled with amalgam. Amalgam has enjoyed a 150 year track record as being the most durable and safest material to use for filling teeth. It is also the least expensive. Although mercury is used as a bonding agent in the amalgam material, it is not harmful in the mouth of users. Dentists like to use the material because it works better. Yet, cosmetic purposes have caused patients to want a filling that will blend more like natural teeth. Thus came the tooth colored fillings.

The most compelling reasons that patients want tooth colored fillings is because of aesthetic purposes. No one would be able to tell that they have filled cavities in their mouth because the color of the filling just about matches the color of the teeth. These tooth colored fillings are resin composites made of ceramic and plastic. The compound will cost more than amalgam, but for those who want it, the fillings do make the smile more attractive.

Moore-Berry Dentistry, Inc. has been providing dental solutions for patients in the Fishers, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana for many years. Those patients who need fillings can get tooth colored fillings or amalgam, whichever will work best for them and their budget. The dentistry offers comprehensive dentistry, which includes preventative dentistry, treatment of gum disease, oral surgery, dental bonding, teeth whitening and of course fillings. If any patients are interested in Tooth Colored Fillings in Fishers IN or Indianapolis, Indiana, the dentistry is available. Visit to get more information.