Have you ever questioned why someone would spend the time making loose leaf tea? Since tea bags can shorten the time needed to enjoy them, why go through the ritual? The truth is that loose leaf tea offers many wonderful advantages compared with drinking tea in bags.

Let’s discuss the benefits of purchasing tea from a loose leaf tea shop.

Better Health Benefits

Larger leaves found in loose leaf tea allow it to retain more polyphenols and catechins. This means that your loose leaf tea can help the body with preventing cancer, aid in blood pressure and cholesterol reduction, as well as help with weight loss. Loose leaf tea also helps give your immune system a boost.

Bagged tea offers fewer of these advantages because you get less-concentrated tea, as well as other additives in the tea bags. The tea you buy from a loose leaf tea shop is healthier, more flavorful and can have more than double the advantages of bagged tea.

Wide Variety

White, green, black, and oolong tea are the four primary tea varieties. Yet each of these can produce a wide range of variations. With bagged tea, your options are limited to what’s available on store shelves. You can discover additional types of your preferred as well as new varieties of tea when you buy your tea from a loose leaf tea shop online or in person.

Loose leaf tea remains extremely popular throughout the world. For fans of tea, quality is quite important, and you won’t find better than at a loose leaf tea shop.