Reasons to Choose a Gated Community in Naples, Florida

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Real Estate

Being a tropical state, Florida is the most sought after destination for tourists who love the pristine beaches, clear water, the gulf breeze and water activities it offers. This place is also famous for the islands that have an abundance of wildlife and its preservation and intactness of the nature in its original form by the people of this state. Naples is situated in Southwest Florida overlooking beautiful coastal landscapes and it is more of a subtropical locality. Naples is a dream destination for people who want to retire or settle down but, owning a place there has been a very costly affair in the past because of the real estate rates.

The recent trend of a gated community in the real estate sector has taken over Naples, Florida as well making it affordable, as even those on a strict budget can own a summer home there. There are many builders and developers promoting gated communities that are uniquely designed. This gives a variety of choices for people with different budgets and needs to choose a house that suits them. One can choose from flats, town homes, Casitas, apartments and even family homes for larger families. The price ranges between $ 1 million to infinity based on the size, location, amenities and so on and so forth.

Wouldn’t someone love having a home in such a beautiful place at such affordable rates? Here is more to come on why you should consider choosing a gated community. Most of the gated community houses in Naples, Florida have common amenities that are of resort quality like; swimming pools, spas, banquet halls, restaurants, café’s, mini movie theater, crèche, pub, bistro, beautifully landscaped parks and some even have ice cream parlors for the kids. It simply means that, everyone who is likely to stay there is taken into account for. There are certain communities that even allow the residents to access various golf clubs around the locality because, many settle down in this part of the country for the golfing experience it provides.

There are a few reasons beyond being a beautiful locality why more and more people are choosing them.

* The key reason is of course, this place has lots to offer to those who want to relax and enjoy their life living a luxurious life at an affordable price.

* The second reason is that, these gated communities offer security setup that makes this place a safe neighborhood.

* The third reason being, there is no state income tax that is collected from the residents of the state. So this makes the cost of living in the Naples much cheaper than any such tourist destination in the county where people like to settle down.

* Naples is more of a subtropical place where the sun shines brightly around the year and the temperatures are usually high. Though in a few seasons, there are hurricanes and cyclones, the gated communities have been built taking all these into account.

* There are many sporting communities like boating community and golfing communities that keep people engaged throughout the year.




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