Reasons your Kid’s First Car Should be Used

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

Your kid is getting old enough to drive, so you naturally want to get them a car. But hold on there, you can’t just get them a brand new Camaro hot off the assembly line. Not only is that incredibly financially unreasonable, it’s just the wrong way to go in the first place because it’s new. Buying a new car for your kid’s first car is exactly the least preferred way to go about this. Generally, used cars are the best option for your kid’s very first. So, if you’re wondering why used cars in Shorewood IL are the best option for your teen’s first car, here are the basic reasons why.

#1. Affordability
Your kid is going to crash their first car, guaranteed. While the exact nature of the damage itself may not be that bad, that car will crash at some point. Your kid doesn’t have the necessary experience to drive a car as well as they need to, so it’s inevitable. As such, you want a car that’s affordable in the purchase, as well as with its insurance, which is where buying used comes into play. Used cars are typically at least 30% less than new cars. And with that price drop comes cheaper car insurance. Bottom line, buying used is the more financially frugal option.

#2. Reduced risk
Handing your kid a brand new sports car will make them think they’re invincible. This will make them more likely to take risks, and consider the majority of teens between the ages of 16-20 will be in a car crash regardless of how careful they are anyway, you really shouldn’t stick them in a car that adds to that need.

#3. Reliability
If a car is used, then that means it has seen some action. Even ones that are certified, i.e. been repaired to be as good as new, still have the mileage on them. You’re also more likely to find older, sturdier models among the used car fleet than among the newer models. And for your kid’s first car, you want to get them something old, sturdy and big, for added protection when they inevitably wreck it.

Buying used may not go over well with your kid, depending on if they believe the stigma attached to used cars or not. But used is the most financially pragmatic, as well as just the safest, option to go with overall. So when your kid comes of age, take them to the used car lot to pick out a new car. To know more information visit

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