Everyone in business knows just how much paperwork is generated.  You have everything from purchase orders to accounts receivables.  If you are in the legal profession, you have about 10 times as much paper to keep track of as other types of businesses.  Much of this paper work has to be kept for many years, so it has to be stored somewhere.  The importance of all of these documents means it would be a very smart idea to use a Record Storage Connecticut service.

Record Storage Connecticut offers two main types of storage for your important records.  The first is what is called “hard copy” storage.  This is where the actual paper is stored in a safe off-site location.  The location has to be secure so that no one is able to break in and steal these vital documents.  Not only that, it must be someplace that has the environment kept in such a way that all of the paper documents do not get damaged by humidity, water leakage, excessive heat, and so on.  These papers may be kept in this storage location for years, and should a document be needed, it must be in pristine condition.  All of the records must be stored in such a way that any single document needed can be located and retrieved quickly.

The second type of Record Storage Connecticut is online or in a secure computer database.  Each document must be scanned into the system and put into files that can be quickly located and retrieved.  The system has to be encrypted so that no one unauthorized can access the records.  At the same time, access must be available online, so current records and documents can be called up and used.

With online Record Storage Connecticut services, all of your records are safe and secure.  The service is so affordable that even smaller businesses can afford to use this kind of service.  Depending on the level of security needed, more than one password can be assigned to sets of records, so it takes two or more people to access them.  With online Record Storage Connecticut, even lawyers can access records for computer presentation in court situations.
Keep all of your records and documents safe and secure by using a Record Storage Connecticut service now.