Alcohol is by far the most frequently abused substance. As a legal substance, it’s easy to access, and many people find themselves in social situations where heavy drinking is accepted and even expected. Alcohol use can become a problem as individuals increase the amount and the frequency with which they drink, and some people develop the disease of alcoholism. Fortunately, there is hope for recovery. Alcohol abuse counselors in Jefferson County AL have shared the following tips.

Go Through The Steps

Almost every addiction center incorporates a 12-step recovery program. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the origin of all 12-step programs, was first developed in 1935, and it was based on two principle ideas: addicts can support each other effectively and that recovery depends on dealing with the problems caused by the addiction. Following the steps includes acknowledging mistakes, accepting responsibility, and atoning for harm done to others.

Get A Sponsor

Another valuable aspect of AA is sponsorship. A sponsor is another former addict, who has been in recovery for a longer period. He or she can sympathize with the struggles of someone new to recovery. Moreover, a sponsor is usually available 24/7 to respond to a crisis call. Many addicts find that their sponsor is a lifeline in moments of stress or temptation.

Focus On Exercise And Nutrition

Stress is often a trigger for substance abuse, so anything that decreases stress can be highly beneficial to the recovery process. Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, or dancing causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that induce a relaxed or even euphoric feeling. The “runner’s high” is real, in other words. Avoiding sugar and highly processed foods can also increase positive feelings and reduce stress.

Establish New Patterns

According to alcohol abuse counselors in Jefferson County AL, the key to staying sober is to establish new patterns and routines. This means avoiding people and circumstances associated with drinking. Many people in recovery find that they have to distance themselves from old friends and former social activities to avoid relapsing.

Recovery is a challenging process, but achieving sobriety can be profoundly rewarding. Learn more about alcohol addiction and recovery at