We have many methods to choose from when it comes to heating and cooling our homes and businesses. Technology has passed by the electric fan making it almost obsolete. Today we use energy efficient equipment to keep our families and customers comfortable even in the hottest summer weather. In the “old days”, coal furnaces were considered to be quite modern. They were also quite inconvenient to use and an inefficient source of heat. The furnace had to be “fired”, or coal added to it frequently, or the fuel source would die out and the house become cold. That meant making trips to the basement during the night or waking up to a cold house.

As plumbing and heating methods have changed, so has the industry. It used to be all a person needed to become a plumber was a few tools and a little knowledge about the workings of drains, pipes, toilets, and faucets. Today’s plumbers can do it all from fixing a leaky faucet to kitchen and bath renovation. Instead of plumber’s helpers, employees are called technicians. They receive EPA, NATE, and ongoing factory training in new techniques of installation, repair, and servicing. Prospective employees are tested for drugs and given a thorough criminal background check, so customers don’t have to worry about letting them into their homes.

Winters in the West can be brutal and Plumbers in Red Oak TX are capable of keeping your home or business warm during the coldest winter. They service, repair, and install all major brands of furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Also available are alternate ways of heating that are more energy efficient than the old methods. New systems like solar panels, geothermal heating, and radiant floor heat keep you warm without using huge amounts of energy and help reduce our carbon footprints.

We have all become accustomed to air conditioning. It is almost everywhere we go. Our homes, cars, schools, stores, offices, and public buildings are kept cool and comfortable in the summer. When the AC stops working, we want it fixed right away. Plumbers are also specialists in air conditioning repair, service, and installation. They are qualified to handle residential air conditioning problems as well as the large units required to keep commercial customers comfortable.

Even with all the changes to technology and the new equipment available, one thing remains the same. Customers can still rely on their plumbers for dependability, quality workmanship, and excellent service.

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