Kitchen remodeling is one of the most prevalent reasons that homeowners hire Remodeling Contractors in Encinitas. They may want new cabinets, countertops, floors and wall paint. People hire contractors instead of doing the upgrades themselves for various reasons. Most people don’t really know how to complete these projects and have no interest in learning. Some have the skills to complete the work but do not want to devote the necessary time.

A Seemingly Simple Decision?

Even seemingly simple decisions about the order in which to do certain projects can have significant consequences. Professional Remodeling Contractors in Encinitas know which tasks to begin first and which to leave for the final workdays.

For example, it might seem intuitively correct to paint walls before installing the new kitchen floor. That way, the brand new floor is not at risk of paint getting onto the material, even along the edges. However, professional remodeling workers know that floor installation is best done first.


First, baseboards are removed before the old floor is taken out and the new one installed. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to those wood features. In addition, the new floor may be a tiny bit lower in height than the previous one. The baseboards now will also be lower down the wall. If the wall painting has been done first, that leaves a strip of old paint around the top of the baseboards.

Unintentional Paint Scraping

It’s actually more probable that a newly painted wall will be marred in some way while flooring installation is being done. When the contractors know they’ll be painting the walls later, they don’t have to worry much about accidentally scraping a bit of paint from the wall while working on the floor. This can be difficult to avoid since hard flooring material and carpeting both require tools to install and can be unwieldy to handle.

It doesn’t matter what the new floor will be made of, whether the homeowners choose tile, linoleum, laminate or another material. Professional remodeling contractors from a company such as Guedes Construction Inc. have no trouble preventing paint from getting on floors or other surfaces. Click here to read about this particular contractor.