There are several ways to heat the water in your home, but one of the most common is an installation of an electric water heater in Charlotte NC. Electric units are popular in all-electric homes or places where it is difficult to install a gas supply or exhaust system. Like the natural gas-burning water heater the electric models come in a variety of sizes. They typically range from squat twenty-gallon models to tall forty and fifty-gallon capacities. Larger capacity models are available if more hot water is required, but they are seldom necessary for the average home.

Some of the most common problems with electric water heaters include a failed thermostat, a corroded element or a shorted element. The first two generally leave you with no hot water. However, certain size electric tanks use two elements with separate thermostats which may provide a limited supply of heated water. These instances are usually noticeable because the supply of hot water runs out quicker and it takes a lot longer for the water to reheat. This is especially true if the upper element has failed because it often handles most of the heating.

A shorted element will make itself known fairly quickly because the short forces the element to continuously operate. It is an odd situation because the system is only functioning at a lower power, but the power doesn’t shut off and the element heats the water to the point that the high temperature trips a safety switch in the power supply. You will also notice extremely hot, often scalding, water at the tap. Replacing damaged elements and thermostats isn’t extremely difficult with a little experience, but it does take a little muscle because the elements may be corroded around the fittings.

Like all appliances, your electric water heater installation in Charlotte NC will eventually break. In most cases the tank will develop a leak. The only solution for this is to replace the tank. Modern improvements on water heaters include glass or cement liners to reduce the amount of tank corrosion. Cement liners are generally considered the best because they tend to cover the whole tank. If your water heater has failed and you need repairs or a replacement then visit to learn more.