Replacing Broken Water Pipes

The plumbing services Portland Ore., residents require are available from a company that offers routine and emergency repairs at residential and commercial properties. When a pipe has broken in a building, it requires an immediate replacement to prevent secondary damages from mold growth. When you contact our plumbing company, we can send a knowledgeable plumber to a home or a business right away, and the service van should arrive at your property in an hour or less. While you are waiting for the plumber to arrive, we suggest that you turn off the water in a building at the main valve.

Toilet Repairs and Installations

When a toilet in a building isn’t flushing, it may have a defective component in the tank that is easy for a plumber to replace. Our plumbers keep extra parts on their service vans so that it is fast to replace a broken mechanism in only a few minutes. After replacing the part in the tank, the plumber will flush the toilet multiple times to verify that it is working optimally. However, if the toilet is beyond repair, then you can have a new toilet installed that will use less water each time that it is flushed.

Have a New Water Heater Installed

If you notice that a water heater in a utility room is leaking, then you need a new appliance right away. Ancient water heaters will develop holes in the tanks, and this can lead to water damage in a building along with wasting a lot of water. The plumbing services Portland property owners require includes the removal of old water heaters from a building before a new appliance is installed. Our plumbing team understands how to work with water heaters that are powered with natural gas or electricity.