Request a Customized Smile Makeover from Our Dentist

If you are unhappy with your smile, then you should arrange an appointment with a dentist. Dental clinic Burlington dentists offer smile makeovers to their patients who want to improve several problems with their teeth. The dentists can examine your teeth, and with computer software, you can see how your smile would look with different types of procedures. Some of these treatments are available right away while others require planning so that you can recover after a surgical procedure. To boost your self-esteem, begin with a simple teeth-whitening process.

Teeth-whitening Will Eliminate Deep Discolorations

The goal of whitening your teeth is to remove deep stains that are embedded in the dental enamel. The hydrogen peroxide that our dentist uses at our dental clinic Burlington location is stronger than the type found in drugstores. The combination of water with the hydrogen peroxide leads to a chemical reaction that bubbles away the discolorations on your teeth. When your teeth are a beautiful natural color, it is easy for our dentist to proceed with the other repairs that you want.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Dentist

Our dentist can repair tiny chips on your teeth with a bonding process that requires color-matching material that is placed on the teeth. With the right type of shaping and polishing, the tooth will have a natural appearance. You can also have metal fillings replaced with a composite material so that you have a smile that is more attractive. If you have a tooth that is damaged severely, then you can hide the problem with a customized dental crown. In some cases, our dentist will need to perform a root canal on the tooth first to eliminate infection. Contact our dental clinic Burlington receptionist to schedule an appointment today.