Coming and going is how many individuals spend their day. Being able to quickly get in and out of the car to reach a destination, or to run through the house between stops, is an important aspect of the routine. When something is out of sync and this process doesn’t run as efficiently as it should, the entire day may be thrown off. Something as simple as a malfunctioning garage door can put the routine into chaos when it won’t open or close correctly. That’s when it’s time to call for residential garage door repair in Woburn, MA, so that life can be back on track.

When a technician comes out for garage door repair in Woburn, MA, he will perform a complete inspection of the system, including the child safety sensor, to see what’s wrong. Sometimes all that’s required is an adjustment to get the door running smoothly in the track again. A broken spring can cause the door to stop operating, or it may simply need to be lubed and balanced. In some cases, the door may have jumped out of the track altogether. Regular maintenance can help to avoid this type of scenario, so it’s a good idea to have the garage door checked from time-to-time to ensure that it’s always working properly.

Perhaps you don’t have a garage door opener and would like to get one installed. The garage door repair in Woburn, MA experts can take care of that, too. They service both residential and commercial clients, with single or multi-door needs, to provide quick access and convenience from the garage entrance. They have years of experience installing the various types of systems on the market, so you can be confident that the opener they put in will work quickly and quietly every time. Since they also service what they install, there’s never a need to call anyone else when a problem arises. In fact, there is a 24 hour emergency service number to call if your door malfunctions at the worst possible time.

Whether it’s a simple repair, or replacing a major component of your garage door opener, such as the gears, tension bars or cables, the garage door repair in Woburn, MA technicians can handle it for you. They service all major brands, and a guarantee on the work that they do should be available. Estimates are always given, so there’s never a surprise when the job is complete. Visit Collins Overhead Door for more information!